Critiques needed!

This is the first head i have ever atempted its for a fox fursuit, let me know it there is anything i need to fix/should change.
and how i may improve it.
tottaly new to all of this and just need some pointers.
its full foam

Need help!

Hi everyone, I am making my first fursuit (a dragon). It's been pretty rough, and I haven't been using any references, like a dum-dum. Looking for some advice on what to do next - even if it's ripping this baby apart and starting over. Maybe you are recoiling in horror. ;_; Any feedback will help!!! Should I keep at it with the foam? Should I move on to fur? Any features in particular that you think need shaping?

Hi! Looking for advice


Recently I attempted my first fursuit. I've never done anything like this before (Gah lol the only thing I've ever sewn was quilts lol)- talk about a learning experience haha.

Anyways - I'm needing some fresh sets of eyes to point out some flaws. Be brutally honest because if I don't know about something, I can't improve. I plan on going over this suit again and perfecting it before attempting more if I get better. This was done in around 4/5wks (long story on not having more time - commissioned suit, scammed, drawn out paypal battle, got money back two months before con and had no supplies ordered). I'm not making an excuse, just giving a timeline for more accurate critiques XD.

Okay - So here is what I know is wrong and how I plan to fix it. If one of my plans seem like it is not the best idea, feel free to give me some advise:
- Black fur on head not even around eyes/ down muzzle and sewing too tight causing jagged edge. ~ I plan on removing the black on the front of the face around the eyes and muzzle, adjusting any uneven areas of the green then reattaching a new piece of black.
-Body built wayyyy too tall which caused the crotch to sag and the legs to become baggy and hide the digitigrades. ~ I'm kinda planning a trail and error one on this issue. I plan on slicing completely around the suit an inch or so below the zipper (on the back - ends about midway down), removing about 8 inches from the bottom half and reattaching. By folding it over the part to be removed, it seems all markings will line up. With a 2" pile fur, it hides seams very well. I'm at a loss on this one though so throw me some better ideas if ya have them.
-The tail - not pictured, but mentioning incase anyone say me at AC - looks like a giant slug... ~ Removing and replacing with yarn tail I think.
-Ears droop sometimes. ~ I used metal wire when attaching them so I could pose them. Just gonna add more to make it stiffer.

Here's the pictures (I'm the wolf):

What else needs improvement?
Thank you!!!!!!
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Ctriques Please...

So this here is my third fursuit head. I myself am proud of what I've managed to accomplish but if I am to be building commissioned suits, I'd like to know what I need to improve in now. Other than my lazy nature to stop sewing and just start gluing.

In action shotVVVVVV

Lying down frontal shot

Be as brutally honest as you want to be, I need to know the facts and friends and family will never tell them to me. I know he's a bit lopsided too, but I also was speed testing myself by making him in four days. Thanks again!


Need help

Hi :3 I've just started making husky toony suit, can someone give me sugestions about shaping it, what size the eyes should be, how to make him be sweet and smiling etc.? It's my first artistic? (i don't know the word sorry :)) attempt and well, i dont't have any idea what i should do next :(

Needs some suggestions on my first fur head

Hey guys this is my first ever fur head that I have ever made, I have been working with some good folks over at FA forms and I was wondering if you guys would take the time to give me some suggestions. I love critiques since i'm not afraid to rip something off and completely start over. If you don't like something about it please give me some hints on how to fix it :D Also I am sorry if you saw this over at fursuit I wanted to hear what that community had for feed back as well.

P.S sorry for the bank talking and lots ahhhs. I have been running on no sleep since I have been working on this for the past 3 days.
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critique first fursuit

This is my first fursuit and I would greatly appreciate a critique our advice. She us supposed to be a ferret. I did some shaving on the fur on her right side, but not the left and the hair spikes are just pinned on at the moment while I figure out what I'm doing. I'd live some advice on how short the fur on her muzzle should be as well add just in general.
Thank you for your time

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My first fursuit head wip

I'm new here I hope I didn't break any rules XD

Hi everyone This is a project I've been doing for quite a while in some spare time. I've been sick for a few days so I've started working on it even more! I'd love some suggestions from anyone as this is my first time making anything like this at all. I don't even sculpt or anything so this is a fun challenge x'D I've been extremely inspired by TheBeastCub Monoyasha and Clockwork Creatures (Which I ordered the fur from!) Also this character is a made up species and I'm going for my own style with it.

Stuff I've done so far!

The eyes are resin. I commissioned blank resin eyes from Monoyasha and painted them myself with acrylic paint sealing off the backs with felt.

The head is entirely foam which I sculpted using hair salon scissors (They are very nice and sharp and kind of expensive so my mom wants to shoot me )

I cut up chinese take out white plastic containers and I plan on pasting the resin eyes onto them.

I'm going for a cute look! Thanks everyone!!!

Also I haven't made the tear ducts yet. I will make them out of sunglasses or black mesh You cannot see out of the white bowl or resin.