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Hi! Looking for advice


Recently I attempted my first fursuit. I've never done anything like this before (Gah lol the only thing I've ever sewn was quilts lol)- talk about a learning experience haha.

Anyways - I'm needing some fresh sets of eyes to point out some flaws. Be brutally honest because if I don't know about something, I can't improve. I plan on going over this suit again and perfecting it before attempting more if I get better. This was done in around 4/5wks (long story on not having more time - commissioned suit, scammed, drawn out paypal battle, got money back two months before con and had no supplies ordered). I'm not making an excuse, just giving a timeline for more accurate critiques XD.

Okay - So here is what I know is wrong and how I plan to fix it. If one of my plans seem like it is not the best idea, feel free to give me some advise:
- Black fur on head not even around eyes/ down muzzle and sewing too tight causing jagged edge. ~ I plan on removing the black on the front of the face around the eyes and muzzle, adjusting any uneven areas of the green then reattaching a new piece of black.
-Body built wayyyy too tall which caused the crotch to sag and the legs to become baggy and hide the digitigrades. ~ I'm kinda planning a trail and error one on this issue. I plan on slicing completely around the suit an inch or so below the zipper (on the back - ends about midway down), removing about 8 inches from the bottom half and reattaching. By folding it over the part to be removed, it seems all markings will line up. With a 2" pile fur, it hides seams very well. I'm at a loss on this one though so throw me some better ideas if ya have them.
-The tail - not pictured, but mentioning incase anyone say me at AC - looks like a giant slug... ~ Removing and replacing with yarn tail I think.
-Ears droop sometimes. ~ I used metal wire when attaching them so I could pose them. Just gonna add more to make it stiffer.

Here's the pictures (I'm the wolf):

What else needs improvement?
Thank you!!!!!!

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