Honest FurSuit Critiques

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This is a community where you can post your fursuit work and Art work, and receive an honest critique. This means you can post your honest opinion about someones work without hurting their feelings. This is not an opportunity to bash, but a chance to offer constructive criticism.

Post your work here if you are looking to improve not to receive sugar coated responses =).


1) If you plan on posting your full suit please try to post a front, side and back view to see the suit in all angles.
2) Post the suit or head with concept art or photos, something you used to guide yourself while making it.
3) When you are posting work up, please be sure it's your own work!
4) Play fair ;)!

As for Art:

You can post the stuff you are working on and get it critiqued. Post away the more art the better :).

Wanted to give everyone a head up that this community is moderated by </a></b></a>latinvixen02
If you have questions or complaints just email them over ^_^.